Lava Hot Springs Community

Situated between Salt Lake City, Utah and Yellowstone National Park, Lava Hot Springs is a great choice among Idaho resorts and Utah resorts for relaxing activities and fun adventures.

This Idaho resort town treats you to beautiful scenery with many types of lodging. It is a peaceful community where you can unwind with your family and friends.  

Lava Hot Springs is certified by the Idaho Department of Commerce as a Gem Community. A Gem Community is organized and has a business and economic development plan.

To earn the Idaho Department of Commerce Gem Community Certification, business executives, elected officials, civic leaders and interested professionals have joined together to assess the economic status of the community with the goals of developing plans which assist business expansion and growth and to aid in attracting new citizens to live and work in the area.

They have completed a thorough analysis of their community by assessing every aspect from the skills and availability of labor to the expansion potential of the sewer and water systems. The overall result is that when you talk to a Gem Community, you’re dealing with the top elected officials and business leaders.



The “L” Mountain

One of Lava’s unique features is the letter “L” which appears high on the mountain above the town and which distinguishes our Idaho resort from the rest.

It was established during the 30’s as a school project, when Lava had its own high school. The clearing of the brush and placing of the original rock forming the “L” was done by students. One can appreciate this effort only if they have hiked up the mountain to the “L”.

The lights were added in the sixties when a group of High School Alumni collected money. Volunteers put them in place.

It has been maintained by the City with the help of various volunteer groups such as the Boy Scouts, Lioness Club and Lions Club.

To appreciate the “L” at its best, it must be viewed at night. When approaching Lava from the west, it appears as magic and alerts the traveler of the approaching town.

Discover the beauty of Lava Hot Springs as you visit the city. You won’t find this kind of resort community in another Idaho or Utah resort. From accommodations to dining facilities, shopping, outdoor recreation, and more, we offer you the best among Idaho resorts and Utah resorts. Be part of our community today!


Lava Hot Springs Library

The first library was organized in l966 by a demonstration act, by the Congress of Idaho. A grant was set up by the state to provide a bookmobile, driver and library books for a mobile library for Southeast Bannock County. The city gave them a corner of City Hall, the Lions Club built shelving and the bookmobile brought about 100 books every month.

Several years later the Professional Women’s Organization sponsored the Lava Library. A small office on Main Street was donated along with funds for utilities. Again the Lions Club built shelving, and the State Library furnished 500 books which were replaced every 6 months. Volunteers staffed the library.

In 1968 the citizens of Southeast Bannock County petitioned to form a library district, a board of directors was organized and a librarian was hired.

In 1972 the library moved to its present location on Main Street.

The library has been a real asset to our town. Since we are a resort town, the tourists appreciate the use of the library as well as our many retirees, families, and other citizens.


City of Lava Hot Springs

Online permits and city information
155 West Elm
Lava Hot Springs, ID 832466
(208) 776-5820 FAX 776-5130 


Lava Senior Citizens Center

150 N Center
Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246
Distance to Downtown: 1 block off main
Full kitchen and dining facilities, stage with piano. We welcome Class and Family Reunions, Conferences, Dances, etc.